Specialty Carcass


  • Our steel cord belting that delivers the toughest loads over the longest hauls
  • Manufactured with specially designed and coated cables to maximize product adhesion and minimize corrosion
  • Ideally suited for highest tension / low stretch applications such as overland and slope conveying systems

Available with DynaFlex: engineered with properties and characteristics of our most premium UsFlex carcass construction, for unsurpassed performance and unrivaled splice life.


  • Fiberglass carcass built into the solid-woven design that results in no belt burn-through up to 1,000F


  • Nylon warp and weft design for better durability and flexibility
  • We weave our own fabric so we can customize the design especially when you need a very flexible build

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Specialty is available in the following carcass styles to match your specific applications:

  • Dynaflight®
  • Hot Shot®
  • Royalon®

Cleats are available in this product for several cover compounds

Learn about Fenner Dunlop CleatLine®

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