BIRDSi Web application

Real-Time, Remote Access to Your Belt Performance

Powered by EagleEye®, BIRDSi™ identifies potential issues, before they create the need for larger, more time-intensive, and expensive action. Your BIRDSi™ subscription includes online remote service and call center support, on-demand web reports, and yearly review of your system performance.

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Permanent steel
cord monitoring

A permanent device affixed to steel cord conveyor belts to allow 24/7 monitoring of each health event, including:

  • Internal steel cord damage
  • External impact
  • Rips & tears
  • Splice elongation & degradation


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Fenner Dunlop’s proprietary sensing system, Eagle Eye®, has been successfully monitoring steel cord conveyors for several years. With over 100 systems out in the field, you can trust in our best-in-class technology. Using EagleEye®, with BIRDSi™ web application allows the most efficient maintenance and operation of your steel cord belting.

BIRDSi™ (mobile screen)

Support Efficient Maintenance and Operation

Automatically monitor the status of all your conveyors from a single dashboard.

Identify potential issues before they create the need for larger, more time-intensive, and costly action.

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Set and configure email or text alerts notifications when your belt is operating outside your expectations.

Proactively address issues so you can increase your uptime and reliability of your conveying operation.

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Order your EagleEye® hardware system, plus BIRDSi™ software subscription to start improving your belt performance today!

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