Re-Designed From the Inside Out

Withstanding the heat

Of all the demands placed on conveyor belts, heat is usually the most unforgiving and damaging. High-temperature environments accelerate the ageing process, which causes the rubber to harden and crack. Heat also has a seriously harmful effect on the belt carcass itself because it damages the adhesion between the cover and the carcass and between the fabric plies contained within the carcass. This literally causes the belt to fall apart. This is commonly referred to as ‘de-lamination’. As rubber becomes harder and less elastic due to the exposure to heat the tensile strength and the elongation at break can fall by as much as 80%. This effectively destroys its operational strength and flexibility. At the same time, resistance to abrasion can decrease by as much as 40% or more. As the reference guide below shows, Fenner Dunlop heat resistant belts not only withstand heat extremely well, they also provide exceptionally long wear life compared to its rivals.

Key markets

OptimaHeat Xtreme covers almost every high heat environment application.

  • Cement Plants
  • Foundries
  • Lime Plants
  • Coking Plants
  • Iron Ore Plants
  • Taconite Processing Plants

Key Applications

Next-Gen Single Unit Carcass Designed for Higher Heat Applications

  • Casting Operation at Foundry

  • Cement Clinker

  • Coke Plants

  • Calcined Coke

  • Hot Powdery Materials

    i.e. Casting Sands at Foundry

  • Sintered Ore

  • Taconite Pellets

    at Taconite Processing Plant

  • Alumina

Up to 750°F

OptimaHeat – New generation of Hot Belts has arrived.

The name stems from the latin word “Optima,” which refers to the greatest degree attained under specified conditions. And that is what we have done; created a carcass and cover combination single unit product that will last longer in higher heat conditions. Re-designed from the inside out, OptimaHeat Xtreme contains enhanced properties across the board, with superior adhesion strength, better abrasion resistance, more reliable vulcanized splice reliability, and the ability to resist hardening and cracking while carry hot materials up to 750F*. Optimize your belt life in higher heat applications with OptimaHeat Xtreme, a Fenner Dunlop X Series Conveyor Belt.”

*Maintaining a belt surface temperature under 400 degrees F will maximize belt life.

Key Features

  • Next-Gen Single Unit Carcass Designed for Higher Heat Applications
  • New Proprietary cover compound
  • Max performance when carcass (NovaXtreme) + cover (OptimaHeat) used together to create OptimaHeat Xtreme
  • Runs Hotter Materials Further
  • Consistently lower in cost per ton
  • Resists hardening and cracking while carrying hot materials up to 750F*
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • Manufactured to width
  • More Reliable Vulcanized Splices
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime
  • OptimaHeat Xtreme Order Comes with 1 vulcanized splice kit

*Maintaining a belt surface temperature under 400 degrees F will maximize belt life.

The Total Package

Carcass + Cover Combination

Provides for Longest Life in Higher Heat Applications

New Fenner Dunlop Compound

OptimaHeat cover compound retains its heat resistance after continuous operation up to 400 degrees F, with minimal abrasion degradation. This new proprietary cover resists hardening and cracking while retaining its flexibility when running under extreme and high heat conditions. These unique characteristics provide our valued end users with a belt that runs further and lasts longer. OptimaHeat is the cover for end users who want a consistent lowest cost per ton conveyed outcome in higher heat conditions

  • High Heat Resistant Cover Compound
  • EPDM
  • 750°F Peak Temperature
  • 400°F max continuous operation (course)
  • 350°F max continuous operation (fines)
  • Better Heat Aging properties
  • Better Abrasion Resistance
  • Stronger Resistance to Hardening & Cracking
  • Available with Nova-Xtreme Carcass
Optima Heat rubber compound

Introducing Nova Xtreme

  • X Series
  • Nova-X Family
  • Single Unit
  • Designed Specifically For High Heat Applications
  • More Flexible under Xtreme Heat Temperatures
  • PIW Range: H3
  • Stronger Adhesions
  • Smaller Pulley Diameter (more flexible around pulley’s
Optima Heat rubber compound

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