Oil Sands

Bitumin oil sands

Oil sands are in high demand and you need a conveyor belt system that you can trust. This requires different types of belting such as belts that have a high resistance to impact, oil, and low temperatures, to those designed to withstand the abrasion wear that happens when conveying fast-moving fines. No matter how you are extracting these essential deposits, Fenner Dunlop has a wide range of belts that are the toughest, longest-lasting belts that money can buy.


Our steel cord belting that delivers the toughest loads over the longest hauls. Manufactured with specially designed and coated cables to maximize product adhesion and minimize corrosion. Ideally suited for highest tension / low stretch applications such as overland and slope conveying systems. Available with DynaFlex: engineered with properties and characteristics of our most premium UsFlex carcass construction, for unsurpassed performance and unrivalled splice life.


UsFlex, is ultra-strength, straight warp carcass that provides more than 2x the rip resistance versus competitive belts. Our heavy-weight, straight warp weave has parallel planes locked together with a build-in breaker binder to resist impacts and puncture 3x greater than traditional plied belts.


DynaFlex is lighter weight breaker fabrics that engineered with the properties and characteristics of our premium UsFlex carcass construction. DynaFlex is a low stretch belt with near steel cord specifications for take-up travel. The result is more energy savings per ton, less downtime, longitudinal rip resistance more than five times plied or steel cord belts, and a longer belt life for your tough service.

When the ambient temperature descends below 32°F (0°C) rubber begins to lose its elasticity. As the temperature falls, the rubber continues to lose flexibility and its ability to resist abrasion, impact, and cutting. Eventually, the belt is unable to trough and pass around pulleys. The covers and the rubber between the plies in the carcass also begin to crack. Ultimately, the belt will break because the frozen rubber becomes as brittle as glass. ZR2 ORB is our recommended cover compound for oil sands, bitumen, oil-sprayed coal, and similar materials. ZR2 ORB resists combined effects of cold, abrasion and petroleum products, with a cold-weather resistance to -50° F


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