rEscan® 24/7 Steel Cord Belting Scanning Service

rEscan 24/7 provides advanced monitoring systems and services for early detection of cord breaks, cord corrosion, and splice failures. Scanning continuously on fixed or variable speed belts, rEscan 24/7 will alert you the moment any significant cord or splice damage is detected. Our processing computer allows you to stop the system at any location along the conveyor.

rEscan 24/7 also offers a Splice Monitoring System (SMS) for fabric belting. By measuring splice elongations, the SMS can predict and prevent splice failure. The SMS system reads the position of small targets embedded at set distances around each splice, allowing constant monitoring of splice conditions.

Eagle Eye® Advanced Intelligent Belt Monitoring System

Eagle Eye Advanced is the most state of the art combination of steel cord condition monitoring and rip detection system available in the market. While the system provides proven 24/7 protection through seamless integration with the conveyor control, it also allows users on-demand access to information about conveyor belt condition. Eagle Eye Advanced allows for the extraction of historical data to provide users insight on conveyor trends so predictive analytics can be a realization.

Rip Ranger®

A conveyor breakdown can often involve huge costs, both in terms of repairs as well as lost productivity. When belts have to be replaced because of accidental damage then the financial implications can be disastrous. Although incorporating rip-stop breaker plies will reduce the risk, Fenner Dunlop’s Rip Ranger ‘incident alert’ technology will significantly reduce the extent (and cost) of the damage by switching o the conveyor as soon as a rip is detected. Our transmitter, receiver, proximity wheel, and inductive loops are embedded at set distances in the belting, reading up to 1K looper per belt with real-time loop diagnostics.

BIRDSi Web Application

Reduce your downtime and resolve issues more quickly

  • View current and historical belt health events and sensor status.
  • Automatically monitor the status of all your conveyors, from a single dashboard.
  • Send and view messages, as well as print the resolution needed.
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