Coal Mining

Coal mines, coal preparation

Fenner Dunlop produces the highest quality fire retardant, straight warp, steel cord, and premium plied belting for all underground and surface applications. Fenner Dunlop straight warp, belts, like MineFlex, are used extensively in underground mines for the extraction of both thermal coal and coking coal. MineFlex is also great for above ground applications like coal-fired power plants and coal preparation plants. MineFlex is one of the most trusted carcass belts due to its rip and impact resistance (up to 3 times versus standard plied belting constructions), as well as its greater flexibility than plied belts. This state of the art design is available in single or dual carcass constructions.

MineHaul Supreme

MineHaul Supreme is Fenner Dunlop’s premium plied conveyor belt designed specifically for the demanding nature of heavy-duty mining, with a proven history of dependability and performance. MineHaul Supreme is available in a variety of applications and can be spliced using the traditional diagonal lapped splice or Fenner Dunlop’s Finger Splice Technology.

For mine operators, especially for those operating in gaseous environments, the key focus has to be safety. This is where Fenner Dunlop, the creators of the very first fire-resistant belting back in the 1950s, is the World leader. At Fenner Dunlop, every belt that we produce has been specifically designed and engineered to meet the most stringent fire safety standards with full, independent testing and every Certification in place. Our cover compounds meet / and or exceed (depending on the type) MSHA Fire Safety and Canadian Fire Standards, including ARPM FR Class 1.

FireBoss AR / SAR

MSHA CFR Title 30, Part 14 certified Fire Boss is ideal for mining applications. You can expect fire retardant properties that exceed MSHA requirements coupled with unsurpassed resistance to impact, puncture, rip and tear. Fireboss also provides better abrasion resistance versus competitive fire-resistant products.

FireBoss CSA-C AR / CSA-C OR / CSA-A

If you need greater abrasion resistance for your surface applications, CSA-C is our fire retardant cover compound for mining and industrial applications. It not only meets but exceeds Canadian Standards Association M422 – M87. Employing the latest technology in belt design and state-of-the-art equipment, Fenner Dunlop meets your exact needs.

Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting