Wood, Log and Paper

Pulp, paper, wood product production

Conveyors play an important role in many of the different processes found within the wood, paper & pulp industry. These different processes and applications can place very different demands on the conveyor belt. For example, enormous damage can be caused by logs as they are loaded onto the conveyor belt or by pieces of timber or other objects becoming trapped and penetrating the belt. Impact, ripping and tearing can easily destroy even the thickest and heaviest belts. Other challenges are terpenes found in many types of wood. These have a very detrimental effect on the performance and life expectancy of conveyor belts. Over time, the terpenes penetrate the rubber causing it to swell and distort. Fortunately at Fenner Dunlop, we have a whole range of solutions to meet every possible requirement.


We have a history of specifically manufacturing belts for log decks, wood chips, bark, trash, and hog fuel applications. Wood Supreme, a carcass within the Plylok Supreme series, successfully operates in paper mills, sawmills, board plants and other various types of forest product facilities. Wood Supreme is premium plied belting that provides superior impact and tear resistance, as well as adhesion values for heavy-duty applications. It’s heavier weft construction allows for better load support. Plus it has better fastener holding as compared to competitors


Wood Master, a carcass within our Plylok Master family, is our plied belting for less demanding applications. It offers less than 2% stretch and has superb abrasion resistance. The increased gauge rubber between plies enhances energy absorption and impact resistance. In the end, you get measurable, sustainable results, day in and day out.


We also manufacture belts with rubber covers that not only have outstanding resistance to oils and resins but also possess unbeatable wear resistance and that are also resistant to the damaging effects of ozone and UV light. Our cover compound, MOR, is great for specialized service – wood chips, waste disposal, sewage, sludge, and lightly oil-treated materials. MOR resists moderately oily materials and terpenes. In order to achieve the absolute minimum of swelling and distortion caused by oil, even on the most demanding of applications, we apply stringent American ASTM’D’ 1460 standard test methods. Although oil resistant belts usually have a lower resistance to cold, Fenner Dunlop oil resistant belts are designed to operate in cold temperatures as well.

Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting