Grain Handling, Agriculture

Grains, corn, soybeans

The demands of the agricultural and farming industry are many and varied. Our range of agriculture products include highly durable belts for equipment such as potato harvesters and hay bailers and profiled belting for steep incline conveyors. Our grain handling solutions include belting for elevators, milling, feed silos and many other applications requiring durability, oil resistance and protection against cold temperatures.

GrainFlex & Grain Supreme

GrainFlex is produced with an UsFlex carcass to provide maximum rip and tear resistance coupled with superior bolt retention properties. It exceeds the OHSA requirements for the safest surface resistivity, which requires those superior anti-static properties. GrainFlex is also oil-resistant and fire-retardant.

Grain Supreme carcass delivers high strength along with low elongation and excellent fastener holding properties. It rivals other plied belting in the rip and tear resistance, belt retention, and tracking characteristics. It also meets or exceeds the OHSA requirements for conductivity and flame resistance.

Reliability and the longest possible working lifetime combined with safety and livestock hygiene & comfort are among the many considerations when selecting rubber products. Our unique understanding has led to the development of a range of rubber conveyor belts, matting, and sheeting ideally suited to a multitude of applications.


Both UGH and CGH 2.0 are excellent cover compounds for your agriculture needs. Both surpass the US OHSA specifications for static conductivity and have electrical resistance to 300 megaohms.

UGH (or Ultra Grain Handler) is fire and oil resistant, meeting ARPM-FR Class 2. UGH also boasts a maximum resistance to grain oils and oil-based dust suppressant additives with a temperature range of -30° to 200° F.

CGH 2.0

CGH (or classic grain handler) provides moderate oil resistant covers for grain handling. This fire retardant compound meets ARPM-FR Class 2 and handle temperatures that range from -40° to 200°. It is designed for whole oily grains, including wheat, corn, soybeans, cottonseed, flaxseed, and sunflower seed.

Although oil resistant belts usually have a lower resistance to cold, Fenner Dunlop oil resistant belts are designed to operate in cold temperatures as well. Yet another major advantage is that all of our products are manufactured by us here in North America so the quality is guaranteed. And every single one is entirely safe to handle because it is compliant with OSHA.

Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting