Integrated cement applications

Operating conditions for conveyor belts used in the cement industry can be some of the most unforgiving and damaging possible. The material often sticks to idlers that turn into drum sanders and abrade the belt as well as preventing idlers from turning. Apart from the rapid wear caused by the highly abrasive materials being conveyed, the single biggest challenge of all is the very high temperatures of red-hot clinker. These high temperatures cause an acceleration of the aging process that results in hardening and cracking of the rubber covers. The continuous heat and elongation “stretch” within elevators also places an enormous demand on the conveyor belt. With so much that can go wrong, few manufacturers specialize in supplying belts for such demanding applications. However, at Fenner Dunlop, we welcome such challenges.

DeltaHeat 2.0

UsFlex carcass gives you twice the mechanical adhesion properties versus traditional plied belting. UsFlex combined with a hot cover compound like Delta Heat will give the best possible adhesions (since high temperatures lead to delamination of the covers). Dunlop engineers have developed rubber compounds designed to handle even the most extreme conditions and provide far longer operational lifetimes compared to those of our competitors. For extreme heat and heavy-duty applications, Delta Heat is able to handle maximum continuous temperatures as high as 350F and peak temperatures up to 400°F.

Sahara SAR

Sahara SAR is also a high-performance heat and wear-resistant cover compound often found in the cement industry. Sahara SAR is designed to withstand continuous temperatures up to 300 F and peak temperatures as high as 350 F.

  • For areas needing no burn through the carcass, select Hot Shot, our fiberglass carcass built into the solid woven design that results in no meltdown. Pair either Delta Heat or Sahara SAR cover compounds with Nova-X or Hot Shot carcasses for optimal handling.
  • Nova-X carcasses can convey bulk materials more reliably with its advanced flexible belt core. The patented dual crimp weave in Nova-X allows for higher strength and low stretch applications. Nova-X offers unsurpassed impact and puncture resistance, excellent load support, and longer service life than other premium belts. Plus, the unique fabric weave allows for improved mechanical fastener retention & splice life.
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