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We supply a wide range of high-quality conveyor belting, specifically engineered for virtually every application and process. This includes resistance to the effects of cutting, impact, abrasion, heat, and fire. Our belts are used with great success by some of the most respected names in the steel industry to convey coke, ore, and other raw materials.

In some applications, even the strongest and heaviest conventional belts can be ripped or torn by large lumps of heavy, sharp objects, either falling from height or becoming trapped. Belts can often be destroyed within a matter of weeks or months. We recommend our premium line of belting products designed to resist the abusive nature of steel production.


The Fenner Dunlop solution to this problem is UsFlex, which has longitudinal rip resistance more than five times and impact resistance up to three times greater than that of plied belts of equivalent rating. The tear resistance of UsFlex also significantly exceeds that of conventional plied belts with comparable tensile strength. Thanks to our unique straight-warp construction, your belt will not be easily damaged in the loading and conveying of large, sharp material. The result is the longest belt life, guaranteed!

Plylok Supreme (PSR) is our premium plied belting that offers the advantages of low overall stretch and excellent impact resistance. Our warp/longitudinal yarns withstand sharp object impacts and impingement from trapped materials without fracturing. Our weft / transverse yarns give superior troughability and fastener retention. Plylok Supreme provides superior adhesion values and better load support for your heavy-duty applications.


Our Sahara Product Line has five uniquely designed heat resistant conveyor belts that meet a wide variety of unique hot material applications.

Delta Heat 2.0

Our heat resistant cover compounds are superb for prolonged exposure to hot payloads and abrasives. Delta Heat 2.0 is our premium cover compound that resists cracking, hardening, abrasion, tearing and flexing. Delta Heat 2.0 is temperature resistant to 400° F for abrasive coarse lumps (>2 i/50mm) and 350 ° F for abrasive fines. While others note their maximum heat that is only supported for a short term load (around a minute or two), we are proud to report our prolonged heat threshold, since that is what really matters for your operation: not a minute of heat resistance, but for the entire operational period.

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