Hard Rock, Precious Metals

Precious metals and hard rock mining

Hard rock and precious metal mining is used to extract a great deal of the minerals used as raw materials by the world’s industries. Conveyors regularly have to cope with an enormous variety of potentially destructive materials, often in some of the most challenging operating conditions imaginable. This requires different types of belting such as belts that have a high resistance to the kind of heavy impact, ripping and tearing that occurs during the primary stages of production through to those designed to withstand the abrasion wear that happens when conveying several thousand tons per hour or fast-moving fines. Over its long history, the engineers at Fenner Dunlop have created a wide range of belts that are the toughest, longest-lasting belts that money can buy.

UsFlex & Nova-X

UsFlex and Nova-X offer unsurpassed impact and puncture resistance, excellent load support, and longer service life than other premium belts. Nova-X is our patented dual crimp weave for higher strength and low stretch applications. This one of a kind fabric weave allows for improved mechanical fastener retention & splice life. Nova-X allows you to convey bulk materials more reliably with our advanced flexible belt core.

Do you need a longer belt life for your tough service? Or maybe a low stretch belt with near steel cord specifications for take-up travel? DynaFlex is lighter weight breaker fabrics that engineered with the properties and characteristics of our premium UsFlex carcass construction. The result is more energy savings per ton, less downtime, and longitudinal rip resistance more than five times plied or steel cord belts.


KordFlex is also a popular choice in the hard rock mining applications; our Aramid fibers are designed using our UsFlex carcass technology to give high strength, lightweight, and durability. This revolutionary high strength fiber in our top of the line straight warp design is a unique balance that makes it ideal for conveyor belts. Aramid has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all conveyor belt reinforcements; more than two times our synthetic fibers and five times that of steel. But unlike steel, Aramid retains low density, chemical and impact resistance.   Upgrade your KordFlex with our DynaFlex breaker to enhance rip, tear and impact resistance for your critical applications.

One of the most common reasons for having to repair or replace a belt is due to rip or impact damage rather than day to day wear. In extreme conditions where heavy, sharp lump sizes and/or large drop heights are involved, It is important to have rubber covers that protect the carcass as much as possible against impact and rip propagation. The black Diamond cover compound is a popular choice in the hard rock mining application since it performs best in high impact applications and allows more belt life with less cover thickness for excellent resistance to abrasion and wear.


ZR3 has the highest abrasion resistance in the industry, without increasing cover thickness. This cover compound is excellent in frigid temperatures as well. ZR3 provides protection for  abrasion and extreme cold temperatures.

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