Sand, gravel, fine aggregates

Depending on the nature of the land, certain quarries are more suited to gravel, while others are more suited to sand. The damage caused by heavy, sharp and extremely abrasive materials that are conveyed in quarries usually results in unnecessarily short and therefore uneconomic belt life. Belting used in the sand and gravel industry need to have very high resistance to impact, ripping, and tearing, as well as the ability to withstand surface damage caused by cutting, gouging, and abrasion. Whether you operate in a shallower or deeper area, Fenner Dunlop has the right conveyor belt combination of carcass and cover compounds that outperform all others for toughness, durability and optimum wear life.

Nova-X / Patriot X

Nova-X and Patriot X are the only dual crimp warp weave carcasses on the market. Our patented, unique, flexible fabric weave allows for improved mechanical fastener retention and splice life.  For higher strength and low stretch applications use Nova-X . For lighter applications and import belt replacement, Patriot X offers better quality.

Rock Master

Rock Master is our sand & gravel specific plied carcass that offers good abrasion resistance. The increased gauge rubber between plies enhances energy absorption and impact resistance. Rock Master is durable and economical for less demanding applications.

The wear of cover compounds is the biggest influence on the working life of a belt. Fenner Dunlop abrasion resistant belting provides up to 50% longer wear life versus the competition because the rubber covers we use exceed international quality standards. Our Granite cover compound is recommended for the most abrasive material handling applications. It has excellent resistance to cutting and gouging and exceeds ARPM Grade 2 standards.


Abrader is a common cover compound matched with Patriot X or RockMaster. This ARPM Grade II cover offers good abrasion, cut and gouge resistance. Abrader meets the new ARPM 175 mm abrasion limit and is recommended for the most abrasive material handling applications, such as aggregates, sand, and gravel.

Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting