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Bulk terminals

Conveyors remain the most effective method of on-site cargo transportation but their reliability is a critical factor in both productivity and cost management. Making repairs to belts and having to replace them more frequently than should be necessary due to wear and damage involves an enormous cost – both in terms of visible (invoiced) cost and the ‘invisible’ cost of lost productivity. At Fenner Dunlop, our whole ethos is to manufacture and supply belts that will provide the maximum operational life and significantly reduce the amount of money that our customers spend each year on conveyor belts. It is a philosophy that makes us very different from our competitors.

Conveyor belts have to cope with materials that can wear belt surfaces very quickly through their abrasive action. There are also cargos that can seriously damage the very structure of a belt in other ways such as the distortion caused by oil in products such as biomass and grain. Yet another cause for concern is the fact that a belt can be destroyed by foreign objects hidden in the cargo becoming trapped. Fortunately, at Fenner Dunlop, we supply a superb range of belt types and cover grades that have been engineered not only to meet these challenges but also to exceed all expectations.


DynaFlex is the new standard in breaker fabrics for protection beyond detection. DynaFlex is engineered with the properties and characteristics of our premium UsFlex carcass construction, resulting in less downtime and longer belt life. This low stretch belt has a similar take-up travel of a steel cord belt, but longitudinal rip resistance more than five times that of a plied or steel cord belt.

Our premium Aramid reinforced UsFlex belt, KordFlex, provides revolutionary high strength, lightweight and durable fibers in our top of the line straight warp carcass. Our lengthwise and crosswise belt strength lies in parallel planes of heavyweight high tenacity straight yarns locked together by a unique binder. Each plane provides the reinforcing effect of multiple plies of conventional fabric without the crimping that weakens yarns and causes stretch. The carcass binder is a built-in breaker that resists impact and puncture.

Plylok Supreme

Plylok Supreme (PSR) is our premium plied belting that offers better impact and tear resistance versus competitive plied belting. Our warp/longitudinal yarns withstand sharp object impacts and impingement from trapped materials without fracturing. Our weft/transverse yarns give superior load support and fastener retention. Pylok Supreme (PSR) has superior adhesion values for heavy-duty applications.

Giant XE

A cover compound void of plasticizers to enable a better pull of materials that resist oils. Our low extraction cover, Giant XE, stops belts from hardening and cracking. Its balanced carcass construction minimizes cupping and curling and reduces durometer creep can tracking issues. This high durability recipe offers resistance to dedusting agents or hygroscopic materials. Giant XE is ideal for heavy and abrasive materials in dry and dusty applications, as well as extreme temperatures.


When the ambient temperature descends below 32°F (0°C) rubber begins to lose its elasticity. As the temperature falls, the rubber continues to lose flexibility and its ability to resist abrasion, impact, and cutting. Eventually, the belt is unable to trough and pass around pulleys. The covers and the rubber between the plies in the carcass also begin to crack. Ultimately, the belt will break because the frozen rubber becomes as brittle as glass. Our cover compound ZR1 is great in extreme temperatures. It also has a high resistance to heavy, continuous abrasion, as well as good resistance to cutting and gouging.

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