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The damage caused by heavy, sharp and extremely abrasive materials that are conveyed in quarries usually results in unnecessarily short and therefore uneconomic belt life. Belting used in the aggregates industry needs to have very high resistance to impact, ripping, and tear in, as well as the ability to withstand surface damage caused by cutting, gouging and abrasion. At Fenner Dunlop, we supply belts that outperform all others for toughness, durability and optimum wear life.

We manufacture a range of belts that have specifically engineered to suit the different kinds of applications found in the aggregates mining industry such as primary and secondary crushers, stackers and loadouts, as well as overland conveyors. Every Fenner Dunlop belt is designed to provide the longest and most reliable working life possible.

Made in North America

Our X Series is the first to market, best in class fabric belts made in North America. Their unique reinforced inner construction results in greater impact and superior rip and tear resistance for all of your heavy aggregates. Our most premium X Series, UsFlex, is ultra-strength, straight warp carcass that provides more than 2x the rip resistance versus competitive belts. Our heavyweight, straight warp weave has parallel planes locked together with a build-in breaker binder to resist impacts and puncture 3x greater than traditional plied belts.

Our UsFlex and Nova-X carcasses can handle the toughest aggregates applications from sand and gravel to primary crushers where premium products are required. UsFlex and Nova-X offer unsurpassed impact, rip and tear resistance, excellent load support, and longer service life than other premium belts.

Nova-X and Patriot X are the only dual crimp warp weave carcasses on the market. Our patented, unique, flexible fabric weave allows for improved mechanical fastener retention and splice life. For higher strength and low stretch applications use Nova-X. For lighter applications and import belt replacement, Patriot X offers better quality.

Extreme Conditions Matchless Plus

In extreme conditions where heavy, sharp lump sizes and/or large drop heights are involved, it is essential to have a carcass that is designed to dissipate impact and provide strong resistance against trapped objects that rip through the belt. It is also important to have rubber covers that protect the carcass as much as possible against impact and rip propagation. Fenner Dunlop Matchless Plus is a DIN X compliant compound for the most severe cut, gouge and impact applications, and also provides excellent abrasion resistance.


Wear or abrasion is one of the biggest influences on the working life of a belt. Fenner Dunlop abrasion-resistant compounds can offer up to 50% greater wear life versus that of competitive products. Our cover compounds are engineered to exceed international quality standards. The Titanium compound option provides superior abrasion resistance as well as excellent performance in high impact applications.

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