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X Series conveyor belts turns downtime into continuous uptime for limestone quarry

Korey Kibodeaux, plant manager for Blue Water Industries, took over limestone quarry operations that were consistently experiencing downtime.  His crews were spending all of their time fixing or repairing conveyor belting, including having to come in on weekends and nights to keep the conveyor belts together just so they could run the next day. One of his belt systems had over 100 splices in a belt; re-splicing belts on daily basis was common occurrence.

Korey’s response:

“This has got to stop. This is costing us too much downtime.”  He called Fenner Dunlop and our Application and Technical Support Specialists quickly visited the quarry to assist in finding a solution to Korey’s concerns. For the tough operating conditions in place, we recommended Nova-X F6 carcass construction due to its patented belt fabric design that provides 3 times better tear resistance and over 2 times better rip resistance than the competitive brands that caused Korey so much downtime.

This unique carcass construction was combined with Fenner Dunlop’s premium Grade 1 ARPM Giant XE, low extraction cover compound due the dry and dusty nature at the quarry.  This high durability recipe offers excellent resistance to dedusting agents and hygroscopic materials, and can withstand extreme temperatures evident in most outdoor applications.  The overall result was more flexibility and quick reliability in conveying his bulk material.

“Fenner Dunlop Belting has been nothing but phenomenal for us. I can run 8,000 – 9,000 tons per day on my belts and not ever have to worry about system performance… that is saying something.”

Today, Korey runs Fenner Dunlop conveyor belting on four of his primary conveyors. He installed Nova-X F6 on three systems and one system runs UsFlex® D6 belting. He also has three Nova-X belts installed on his other belt systems. For his light to medium duty conveyors, he has started to use Fenner Dunlop’s Patriot X®.

Korey knows other plant managers in the industry who just buy on cheapest price and think they are saving money. Based on his experience, he warns that this is short sighted.  The cheapest conveyor solutions often result in additional operational problems; “If you are not running, you’re not making money”. Korey said anyone could do the math: “On average, we were spending the time of 3-4 crew men at a minimum of 3 hours of down-time, not to mention the cost of mate- rials and lost production time. Over time that is huge. With Fenner Dunlop, I have zero down-time.”

“With Fenner Dunlop belting, I get the job done and do not have to worry on how it will perform.”

BIRDSi Web Application

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  • View current and historical belt health events and sensor status.
  • Automatically monitor the status of all your conveyors, from a single dashboard.
  • Send and view messages, as well as print the resolution needed.
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