Power Generation

Power Generation

As the provider of energy, it is absolutely essential that power generation plants are reliable, and conveyor belts used within power plants as equally reliable. The only way to achieve this objective is to fit top quality belting that has a proven track record for being the most durable and longest lasting available. Safety and the environment are also of paramount importance in the energy industry. Fire, the risk of explosion, dust emissions, right through to the potentially harmful chemicals used to manufacture the belts are all very serious considerations. Fortunately at Fenner Dunlop, we engineer and manufacture a range of high-performance belting that meets every possible requirement.


PowerFlex owes its outstanding impact and tear-resistant characteristics to an innovative woven straight-warp carcass. This consists of heavy strands of polyester running lengthwise and heavy nylon strands running crosswise held in position by a strong yarn. The strands are completely straight in both directions and not interlocked as in a conventional belt carcass. This allows the weft to float free from the warp, thereby minimizing the peak point of impact because the energy is absorbed over a larger area, providing maximum protection to the carcass.

Power Supreme

Power Supreme is our best engineered plied belting for higher tension ratings. It offers the advantages of low overall stretch and excellent impact and tear resistance. Our warp / longitudinal yarns withstand sharp object impacts and impingement from trapped materials without fracturing. Our weft / transverse yarns give superior troughability and fastener retention. The result is better load support and superior adhesion values for heavy-duty applications.

Many different demands and requirements are placed on your conveyor belts. This includes having good levels of resistance to the damaging effects of oil and ozone. Our Guardian cover compound family offers the best abrasion and cover wear properties. Guardian is optimal for minimizing coal dust and meets both ARPM Grade 1 physical properties and ARPM – FR Class 2 resistance.


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