Premium conveyor belting specifically engineered to remove the need for multiple plies.

X Series carcasses

The Strength & Reliability of a Superhero

Historically, conveyor belts have been manufactured using two or more plies of fabric that are adhered to each other using inner layers of rubber. When additional rip, tear and impact resistance was required for a more demanding bulk material handling application, the obvious answer seemed to be fitting a belt with even more plies with even thicker covers. Which was proved to be very rarely the best solution. The best solution is to fit belts that are specifically engineered for the purpose, which is the philosophy that Fenner Dunlop’s X Series is based on.

Fenner Dunlop's X Series conveyor belts are engineered to last longer than typical plied belting in rigorous applications due to their unique carcass constructions. Because these belts are so robust, our customers greatly benefit from requiring less replacement belts, which combats unnecessary waste. Since less replacements belts are required, less raw materials, energy and resources are used in the long run of the conveyor belt manufacturing process.


Not only were we the first to market with a straight-warp carcass design, we are also 2x more rip resistant vs. competitors.

Heavyweight straight weave with binding cords that are the most durable for the toughest conveyor applications.

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The Toughest


The Nova-X carcass can handle the toughest aggregates applications from primary to secondary crushers where premium products are required. This carcass offers unsurpassed impact and puncture resistance, excellent load support and longer service life than typical plied belting.

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The Nova-Xtreme carcass is engineered to handle high heat applications. This unique carcass offers stronger adhesions due to the elimination of skim rubber and is more flexible around pulleys.

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Patriot X

Patriot X will exceed your performance expectations in lighter duty bulk material handling applications. The unique design of the Patriot X fabric offers improved rip, tear and impact resistance over its predecessor. It also provides excellent mechanical fastener retention and finger splice compatibility.

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Fenner Dunlop X Series for the toughest applications imaginable

  • Coal Mining
  • Limestone
  • Precious metals
  • Salt mining
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Heavy aggregates
  • Recycling

Tough Belts for
Tough Applications

Here's the Facts

  • The X Series is Fenner Dunlop’s premium line of single carcass construction conveyor belts.
  • We offer a straight warp weave and two variations of the dual crimp weave (only dual crimps on the market).
  • X Series belts are specifically engineered to remove the need for multiple plies.
  • X Series belts are stronger & tougher than standard plied belts.

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Straight Warp carcass



Our parallel planes reinforce like the multiple plies of traditional belts but without the crimping that weakens and stretches the yarn. Our binder is a built-in breaker to resist impacts and punctures.

Dual Crimp carcass

Nova-X, Patriot X

Dual Crimp

The fabric construction and treatment process result in enhanced resistance to edge ravel, moisture, mildew and acid mine water.

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