Fire safety is such an important issue that there are numerous safety classifications and international standards for which there are many different tests used to measure performance. The basis of most tests involves exposing a sample of a belt to the flame of a burner causing it to burn. The burner (flame) is then removed and the combustion time (duration of flame) of the test piece is recorded.

A current of air is then applied to the test piece for a specified time after the extinction of the flame. Under laboratory test conditions, Fenner Dunlop fire resistant belting consistently self-extinguishes more than 6 times faster (in less than one second) than the permissible pass rate average time of 7.5 seconds!

Available Cover and Rubber Compounds

Abrasion Fire

Fireboss AR

The only cover compound on the market to meet the stringent CSA-A2 standards. Exceeds ARPM FR class 1 requirements. Ideal when an increased…

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